Call to Commitment

In Sinai’s shadow, we now stand,
With hearts wide open, hand in hand.
The mountain’s call, so clear and bright,
Invites us to bask in holy light.

God’s presence thunders, strong and clear,
A sacred bond, it draws us near.
His covenant, our steadfast guide,
In His promise, we shall abide.

“All that the Lord has said, we’ll do,”
A chorus strong, a pledge anew.
Together we affirm our quest,
To live the words that God has blessed.

So come, let’s raise our voice in song,
In unity, we are made strong.
His flock, His people, in His care,
In worship, love, and awe, we share.

📅 Sunday, February 4th, 2024
🕥 10:30 a.m.