Inspired Work; Inspiring Rest

God equips us for great tasks and graciously provides the rest that refreshes and restores.

In a time when divine presence touched the earth directly, two men, Bezalel and Oholiab, are chosen by God to construct the sacred sanctuary. Endowed with skills and abilities far beyond the ordinary, bestowed upon them by God Himself, they create with divine inspiration guiding their hands.

But their inspired labor is only half the story; the narrative deepens with the institution of the Sabbath—a holy day of rest provided by God, echoing His own rest after the creation of the world. This weekly pause is not only a time for physical rest but also a spiritual renewal, a reminder of the source of their skill and a testament to the balance God intends for all creation.

Recorded April 21st, 2024
Message by Pastor Tim Ward
Scripture: Exodus 31:1-17