Ready-Mix Gods

Many people today seek instant gratification in spirituality by turning to self-proclaimed gurus and trendy, off-the-shelf, pick-and-choose beliefs, preferring the ease of ready-made answers over the challenge of deep, genuine faith. This modern "Ready-Mix Gods" phenomenon reflects our culture's short-sightedness and desire for immediate satisfaction, often at the expense of true spiritual growth and understanding.

A quick glance at history shows how ineffective and disastrous this can be. The Israelites, who in their impatience demanded a golden calf when Moses took too long on Mount Sinai, nearly brought about their own destruction with their actions. Let us learn from the past and commit to seeking authentic, enduring spirituality that fosters real growth and deeper understanding.

Recorded July 2, 2024
Scripture: Exodus 32: 1-10
Message by Pastor Tim Ward