Risen, But Not Recognized

"On the road to Emmaus, just days after the tomb was found empty, my heart was heavy with sorrow. The sun set on the hopes we had placed in the man we thought would redeem Israel. My companion and I shared our despair, recounting the events that had led to our Master's crucifixion, when a stranger joined our journey. His presence was comforting, yet curious, as He seemed unaware of the events that had shaken Jerusalem to its core.
As we walked, the stranger spoke with authority, opening the scriptures to us in ways we had never understood. Our hearts burned within us as He explained the prophecies our Master had fulfilled. Yet, it wasn’t until we sat down to break bread together that our eyes were opened, and we recognized Him. The Risen One, alive, sitting at our table! In that moment of revelation, He vanished from our sight, leaving us in awe."

Recorded April 7th, 2024
Message by Pastor Tim Ward
Scripture: Luke 24:13-32