The Journey Into God's Presence

Rev. Bill Moyers delves into Psalm 84's yearning for God's presence. The natural world mirrors God's abode, and worldly challenges amplify our desire. Psalms articulate our feelings, emphasizing community on this spiritual journey. The psalmist seeks daily divine interactions.

In this episode, we explore Psalm 84 and the longing to be in the presence of God that it portrays. We discuss the beauty around us that reminds us of God's dwelling place and the deep desire expressed in the psalm to be in God's presence. We reflect on the brokenness of the world, which strengthens our longing. The psalms give voice to our hopes and difficulties when we struggle to find the words ourselves. We analyze the journey towards God's dwelling place and emphasize the importance of community in this journey. Being in God's presence means receiving something good from Him, and God longs for us to be in His presence. We call upon God in prayer, expressing our preference to be in His presence rather than dwell in wickedness. The pilgrim in the psalm seeks and prays for God's presence, yearning for the blessings and security it brings. They recognize that this journey can happen in their own heart and life, where they can talk to God and experience His presence every day.