The Most Important People in the Church

In the shadow of Mount Sinai, amidst the harsh wilderness, the people of Israel find themselves besieged by the Amalekites. As the Israelites clash with their foes in the valley of Rephidim, Moses ascends the hill, staff of God in hand, a silent sentinel overseeing the fray. With each raise of his arms, Israel’s warriors gain the upper hand, but as fatigue sets in and his arms falter, so too does the resolve of the Israelites.

It is here, in this moment of desperation, that two unexpected heroes emerge: Aaron and Hur. Steadfast by Moses’ side, they uphold his weary arms, ensuring the staff remains aloft and victory within reach. The event casts a spotlight on the unity and support that bind the church together. It celebrates the collective strength and spirit that sustain the church, as each member’s faith and support contribute to the triumph of the whole.

Recorded January 28th, 2024
Message by Pastor Tim Ward
Scripture: Exodus 17:8-16