The Subtle Surrender to the Subservience of Slavery - From Jacob to Moses

Generations post-creation saw dwindling spiritual passion. There's a gap: initial forgiveness and total surrender. The modern church's drift mirrors the Isrealites' complacency. God urges cultural influence, turning adversity to blessings. The plea? Rekindle our bond with Christ.

Over the period of generations we begin to lose the fervor and the fire that our ancestors had in their walk with Christ. What happens and how can we change that?

What's the time difference between our original forgiveness and then when we fully surrender to Christ? Often, when Christians are in persecution, it's when the church multiplies.

The Israelites had become comfortable and complacent. They began to serve other areas of culture. What began as employment became slavery. We see similar behavior in ourselves today, yet we never intend to drift away from our first love.

God wants his people to influence culture, not the other way around. God wants us to return to oneness with Him. Are you going to be the one that stands up and says "I want that experience with Christ"?