When All Heaven Cheers You On

This week, in lieu of our regular service, we dive into our archives for a powerful message by Thomas J. Ramundo from April 28, 2019. Explore the depth of prayer, the celestial support we receive, and the essence of unwavering faith in God.

This week, we're taking a journey back to our archives in lieu of our regular weekly service. As our service on September 3rd is cancelled to encourage attendance at the 'Worship in the Park - Community Worship Service' in Krouskop Park, Richland Center, we bring to you a powerful message from special guest speaker Thomas J. Ramundo, originally recorded on April 28th, 2019. We hope you enjoy this inspirational session.

When we bow our heads and whisper words of prayer, we're not just speaking into the void. We are anchored by the teachings of the Bible - not just a compilation of stories, but the very voice of God guiding us. It is our roadmap to life, a compass in moments of doubt, and a beacon when we pray.

Yet, do we ever wonder about the celestial realm as we pray? Does heaven root for us? The answer is a resounding 'yes'. We're not just left to our own devices; the Spirit of God amplifies our efforts. And while human intellect may falter, scriptures like Romans 8:26-27 provide the solace that we're never alone in our prayers.

But prayer isn't just about seeking. It's also about believing in the boundless blessings awaiting us. The richness of God's grace is immeasurable. Yet, the question lingers - do we truly live and pray with unwavering faith?

Let us remember, every time we pray, we stand before the King of all kings. Dare to ask, dare to believe, for in prayer lies the true essence of our spiritual journey.

Recorded on April 28th, 2018.
Message by Thomas J. Ramundo
Scripture: Hebrews 4:12-16